Monday, 18 November 2013

The resurrection series

Amidst fashion's totalitarian regime reproducing an army of clone models, all marching to the same beat, faces either lifeless or furious, scanning the parameter for their next target, projects such as All Walks Beyond the Catwalk are raising awareness about age, race and size to help expand, diversify and multi-tone the industry. In the last couple of decades, LVMH's dictatorship, has crushed the 60s evolution of personal styles screaming out individuality and self-expression, with it's polished campaigns of a bland, utopian world where money grows on trees. Mournful for the death of free-spirited attitude, I attempt to salvage what is left by digging up a vigorous hybrid of contemporary editorials and photographers as well as delving into the past to resurrect examples of individuals who embody that liberated, self-assured lifestyle.

Gavin Watson kickstarts the series with his editorial for the french magazine, Wad in 2011. As a skinhead growing up high in High Wycombe, he explored and documented his world and the people around him, namely his revered brother Neville  - a perfect fit to embody the council-estate culture.

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