Saturday, 30 November 2013

The resurrection series #3

Josh Cole is the notorious gangster amongst contemporary street photographers. His foolhardy involvement in somewhat illicit activities in his buoyant post-school years have shaped the narrative of his work, yet swapping his swag for a Kodak unchained him from the criminal past. As a student, aged 23, Josh took to capturing his vibrant array of friends accessorised with rastacaps and American Bulldogs, living it up in their urban neighbourhoods, all dilapidated by the unpoliced energy. Having stacked enough ps, he boarded a plane and moved onto members of street gangs from the most poverous countries around the world. The photographs exult vigour and expose the beauty of truth - Josh sees life for what it is - and the images capture it in all it's shapes and colours, all of which unite to give greater depth and dimension. Josh befriends all of his subjects and welcomes them into his lens to ease and liberate their emotions. The outcome illustrates how each individual fits into the world and what they contribute to make it so multihued. More of Josh's work can be found on