Saturday, 4 May 2013

Back to the future

One of the most overshadowed and forgotten facets of the 80s synth pop era is the stratospheric rise of gaming and the mind-numbingly, brain-piercingly repetitive theme tunes. Luckily a current band, Power Glove recognised the similarity between them and the flourishing turn towards mind-numbingly, brain-piercingly monotone electro/techno/each-song-is-a-cool-new-genre mixes (take the magnificent union of and Justin, futuristically duelling away to see who can fit more copies of their own face into each frame) - so what they did, they thought the hell with it, why not just stick some old school theme tunes together and call it electro metal! Finally! A new sound was born - have to admit I was taken aback by the hypnotising, almost poetic flow of the melody through the zooming galactic nostalgia and hopes for a new space age (which they unfortunately lost out to yet again twitch-dancing his way all the way to mars). The retro buzz paints an image of King Kong facing Godzilla in a robot dance-off amongst dilapidated streets of Tokyo and even the extreme likelihood of being flattened into a concrete pancake doesn't stop me from wanting to join in. However, if being trampled by sic-fi characters is your kind of thing, head to the TooManyGames convention in Phoenixville on the 14th June to hear Power Glove live accompanied by Brentalfloss, Inverse Phase, DJ Cutman (let's hope he's as good at cutting shapes as Edward Scissor Hands), Rainbowdragoneyes, Temp Sound Solutions, Skgb, X-hunters, Keith Apicary, Storm Blooper and DJ McGRANAMAN.