Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hypnotism is underrated

In the last couple of years I found the boisterous excitement that ignited every time I rummage through the latest magazine has been oxidised by the ceaseless monotone characterisations of recently discovered artists as 'trippy' and 'psychedelic'. Ok so they may have demonstrated minimal initiative by burrowing into the realms of their laptops to come up with similarly minimal and I mean minimal intonation of electronic jumble and called it a 'new sound'. Yet, unwilling to accept the shrinking boundaries of experimental music I ransacked every video youtube suggested me until at last Iain Woods (aka Psychologist) illuminated on a new dimension of allegorical resonance. Perhaps one of the most depreciated artists I encountered in recent months, he has finally re-kindled the warm, fuzzy glow you feel rising from the pit of your stomach when you first hear that enthralling euphony penetrated by a patent voice. His most recent EP, Propeller is infused with contemporary electric articulation yet his narcotic, gospel voice captivates and soars you to an alien orbit of his morose, intense world and before you know it human curiosity seizes your urge to retreat to it again and again. An art degree from Brighton university unchained him from conventional norms of music production and piloted a philosophical scrutiny of emotion. Psychologist digs a grimy passage into sinister persuasion and leads you down its somber twists and turns. His whisper shrills through your eardrums, enticing and seducing you to subject to his ominous perspective and you uncover the ability to bring to light a level of darkness that you have never discerned within yourself before. As opposed to the majority of current artists that are writing about situations you can easily relate to, Iain delves into an altogether new and peculiar rationale leading the listener to visualise an alternative viewpoint on everyday life.

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